International Programme

The Business Administration department boasts an offer of lectures given in English which can be picked either by its own students or by incoming exchange students. Language courses offered to non-French speaking students can be found at the end of this list.

1. International Economic Policy (5 ECTS)

At the end of this course, students should be able to:

- compare the underlying mechanisms of basic economic policy tools (fiscal, monetary and trade policies)

- analyze, based on the economic policy tools studied in class, a specific question on current

- economic news and related to a country of her/his choice

- summarize the main conclusions of her/his analysis

- evaluate the economic and business relations of the country of her/his choice with Switzerland

Prerequisites : None
Exam format : 30% group report, 30% group presentation, 40% written exam
Semester of teaching for HEIG-VD students : Autumn, 3rd year

Professor / Lecturer : S. Frochaux

2. Human Resources Management (4 ECTS)

The course discusses HR processes (HR planning, staff hiring, performance management, staff development, professional evolution, compensation, etc.) and their application at work. An integrated HR management model is presented. Case studies and exercises are often used to apply the knowledge gained within a professional context.

Prerequisites : Basic knowledge of organisational behaviour
Exam format : To be notified
Year of teaching for HEIG-VD students : Autumn, 2nd year

Professor / Lecturer : Dr. J. Weidmann

3. Advanced organizational behavior OB2 (2 ECTS)

This advanced organizational behavior course is addressed to anyone who wants to pursue a career in business. It requires a good understanding of theories and relevant research in the field of psychology applied to organizational behavior. Key emphasis will be placed on: well-being at work, power, leadership, innovation, change and group dynamics. On completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Implement the knowledge acquired from DHO1 and integrate it in this course
  • Identify the source and different forms of power and authority
  • Identify the forces that require organisations to change and choose practices for implementing the changes
  • Understand leadership theories and examine the key variables that determine the effectiveness of leadership in practice
  • Appreciate health and well-being in the workplace
  • Be capable of analysing work teams and interpersonal behaviour

Prerequisites : Basic knowledge of Organization/Management or Human Resources
Exam format : Continuous assessment (individual & group case study, oral presentation).
Year of teaching for HEIG-VD students : Autumn & Spring, 2nd year

Professor / Lecturer : Dr. A.-L. Wegener

4. Global Markets and Cultural Diversity (5 ECTS)

The module addresses the global issues and describes concepts relevant to those dealing with the international market by emphasizing the development of basic skills that enable students to manage effectively across cultures. Through case studies about real companies facing cross-cultural issues on the international markets students learn how to evaluate international marketplace potential and risk to develop and deliver goods and services of meaningful customer value.

The course also uses “learning-by-doing” approach and requires students to conduct an international marketing project.

Prerequisites : Good knowledge of marketing strategies
Exam format : Two team tasks
Year of teaching for HEIG-VD students : Autumn, 3rd year

Professor / Lecturer : Dr. R. Bafandi

5. Business Strategy (2 ECTS, to be confirmed)

This course equips students with the strategic concepts and the business tools, a focus on globalization, innovation and sustainability. These three strategic issues comprise the cornerstone that all organizations must build upon to push their businesses forward.
Through case studies, exercises and workshops, students will have the opportunity to place themselves into the role of a strategic decision maker and put theory into practice.

Prerequisites : Good knowledge of general management
Exam format :
Continued evaluation (individual & group case study, oral presentation
Year of teaching for HEIG-VD students : Autumn, 3rd year

Professor / Lecturer : Dr. D. Chabarekh

6. International Financial Consolidation (2 ECTS)

This course will help students to understand the basic objectives and techniques of financial consolidation in national and international groups: legal background, major sets of rules (Swiss RPC, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), scope and methods of consolidation, adjustments to local accounts, intercompany eliminations and the preparation of consolidated financial statements. This course is not an advanced course on IFRS and is available in French and in English. It will include numerous exercises and case studies..


Prerequisites : Accounting principles
Exam format : 100% final exam (60 minutes)
Year of teaching for HEIG-VD students : Autumn, 3rd year

Professor / Lecturer : Ms. J. Majo

7. International Innovation Management (5 ECTS)

Innovation is increasingly the source of sustainable competitive advantage for firms around the world. However, building an organization to successfully and repeatedly bring innovations to market is a difficult managerial challenge. In this course we focus on the practices and processes that managers use to manage innovation effectively. It explores the role of innovation in corporate and business unit growth strategy as well as in start-up development. Different approaches to innovation are discussed, leveraging examples and cases in consumer product industries, SME’s and start-ups. Subsequently, the “state-of-the-art” internal innovation capabilities which are required to outperform competition are discussed. These capabilities include innovation processes, consumer/customer insights, portfolio management, organizational governance. The course uses a “learning-by-doing” approach and requires students to conduct a real project realized with a start-up or SME. 
NB : An optional trip to companies in the Silicon Valley will take place after the semester. Exchange students participating on the course are also welcome, although they will need to pay for it.


Prerequisites : General knowledge of management
Exam format : Written report and group presentation
Year of teaching for HEIG-VD students : Autumn, 3rd year

Professor / Lecturer : Dr. V. Pallotta


8. Principles of marketing I (3 ECTS)

The course explores the principal concepts and tools of contemporary marketing management. The course enables students to develop an effective marketing strategy by examining how organisations can reach their objectives through creating and delivering value to their target audience. Students learn by participating in classroom discussions, preparing mini-projects and case studies, including in-the-field activities.

Prerequisites : None
Exam format : Teamwork with a written and oral presentation as well as an individual written exam
Year of teaching for HEIG-VD students : Autumn, 1st year

Professor / Lecturer : Dr. R. Bafandi

9. Principles of marketing II (3 ECTS)

The "Principles of Marketing II" focus is on designing integrated innovative strategic marketing plans which align companies with their customers and differentiate them from their competitors. The course uses a "learning-by-doing" approach to building basic marketing management skills. Students prepare a marketing plan for a company or a non-profit organisation.

Prerequisites : Basic knowledge of marketing
Exam format : A teamwork project to realize a marketing plan for a company
Year of teaching for HEIG-VD students : Spring, 1st year

Professor / Lecturer : Dr. R. Bafandi

10. Business English (2 ECTS)

The aim of this course is for students to develop competence and confidence to use both spoken and written English autonomously, strategically, and appropriately in a range of business-related contexts. The courses are based on a range of themes and communication activities. Classes involve hands-on learning in groups, in addition to textual analysis and input on effective language learning and strategic communication in the workplace. Themes covered include corporations, marketing, finance and human resources.

Prerequisites : Level of English : B2/C1
Semester of teaching for HEIG-VD students : Autumn & spring


11. Survival French (1 ECTS)

This course is designed to help students acquire basic French to be able to deal with everyday matters while studying in Switzerland and to get to know the local area and culture. It includes hands-on practical activities and all incoming students are encouraged to take this course.

Prerequisites : No prior knowledge of French necessary.
Exam format : There will be no formal exam. Credits are awarded for participation and completing a range of tasks successfully.
Semester of teaching for HEIG-VD students : Autumn & Spring

Professor / Lecturer : M. Blanc-Menoud

12. German for Business (2 ECTS)

Lernziele sind der mündliche und schriftliche Ausdruck sowie Hörverstehen über komplexere Themen aus den Bereichen Werbung, Messen, Handel. 

Die Kursform ist partizipativ, verbunden mit Arbeit in Kleingruppen und individuellen Übungen. Zusätzlich erlernen die Studierenden Werbeanzeigen zu analysieren.

Prerequisites : Von Niveau B1 bis C1
Semester of teaching for HEIG-VD students : Herbst & Frühling


13. Italian for Business (2 ECTS)

Gli alunni che vorranno frequentare questo corso otterranno il livello B2-C1 nel campo specifico dell'economia. È dunque consigliato loro di avere già un livello d'italiano B1-B2. I temi proposti porteranno sull'economia e sul mondo finanziario in legame con l’area dell'italofonia. Porgeremo un’attenzione particolare sullo sviluppo delle competenze linguistiche, focalizzandoci tanto sulle facoltà di comprensione, sia orali che scritte, come sulle facoltà di espressione, anche esse scritte e orali.

Prerequisites : De livellio A2 a C1
Semester of teaching for HEIG-VD students : Autunno & Primavera